Mastering is the "icing on the cake", your recording might be good, but does it sound as powerful as a commercial release? If it doesn't, it needs mastering, professionally.

Whether it's been recorded at Abbey Road, or in your home studio, you should make it sound the best you can.

We've been mastering music for CD/vinyl release and for TV/film for over 20 years. Labels include Cleopatra, Wild, Rhythm Bomb, Sharawaji, Stormspell.

You can see below, the before and after screenshot examples.

You can attend the session at our studio, or we can do it all by email.

Any questions, email us:

Email for a quote.

DDP Authoring:

DDP Authoring for CD duplication

If you're getting a CD pressed, you'll probably need it in DDP format. You then simply email it to the CD company.

From £30 for an EP, from £60 for an album.

Also any audio editing, file conversion, CD compiling, remastering, DAT conversion etc.